American Mussel HarvestersUnited States, Rhode Island
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Year established: 1986
Organization type: Farm, Fisher, Wholesaler

Products we offer

Blue Mussels Eastern Oysters Hard Clams Softshell Clams

Who we are

In 1986 we had one phone, one truck, one mussel boat, and a home on the docks. We also had a few core ideas:
To deliver the freshest live shellfish every day
To always guarantee everything we sell
To bring innovations to the shellfish industry
To always work in an atmosphere of respect, trust, and anima mundi (Thomas Moore’s concept of living a soulful ecology, which Howell Raines defines as "the oceanic common memory of mankind")
And to have fun doing it.

Today we are one of the largest producers of mussels in North America, and we’ve integrated oysters and clams into our harvests. Additionally, we have strategic alliances with independent shellfish farmers, who focus on growing and le
ave the marketing to us. We specialize in authentic brands of Restaurant Ready® live shellfish.Our satisfied customers, the variety of our live shellfish, our Restaurant Ready® process, and our daily shipments are the hallmarks of our success. We are here to help you with all of your shellfish needs.