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Channel Catfish

Who we are

America's Catch is a vertically integrated catfish processor, which ensures that we maintain our own quality control standards from the hatchery to the consumer.

We begin by raising our fish from fingerlings that come from the most genetically superior brood stock available. Their homes for the next 18 months are our above-ground ponds which are fed with sparkling fresh well water. This controlled environment -- where even oxygen is added when needed -- is a perfect place to nurture healthy catfish and provide year-round availability.

Our catfish are fed high-protein food pellets which are a mixture of soybeans, corn, wheat, vitamins and minerals. This specially formulated feed is puffed t
o float so the fish eat at the top of the water, another of the reasons for our catfish's superior taste.

Call us overprotective, but the catfish are never really out of our sight. The close proximity of the ponds to our plant helps assure the consistent quality our customers rely on.

After the catfish are harvested, they are transported in aerated trucks and kept alive until the minute they're processed, making them among the freshest fish available.

In our automated plant, the production process takes less than 30 minutes The catfish are then placed on ice or individually quick frozen to preserve their exceptional taste.

We know that no matter how good our fish are up to this point, if you can't get what you need, when you need it, you could be in trouble. So our mission is to deliver your order on time, the way you want it. With ample frozen storage areas, we're able to maintain an inventory large enough to fill large orders immediately.

We have the largest fleet of trucks per volume than any other catfish processor in the state, and because we use our own fleet, we're able to lower costs as well.

The people at America's Catch are service oriented. We're large enough to satisfy any product needs, but small enough to be sensitive to all our customers. You'll always have access to someone who can solve problems right away. So if quality, service and cost are important to you, depend on America's Catch.