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The Atlantic Red Crab fishing fleet has long been an industry leader in promoting sustainable harvesting practices. You will be pleased to note that our captains and crews work alongside scientists in collecting data for research purposes. In addition, the entire fleet has formed a cooperative that has self-imposed even more restrictive harvesting guidelines than those directed by the New England Fisheries Management Council.

With an average size of one hundred feet, our vessels (F/V Hannah Boden, F/V Krystle James, F/V Benthic Mariner, and F/V Diamond Girl) are equipped with state of the art titanium chilled sea water systems that maintain water temperature at a continuous 38 degrees Fah
renheit. This is the exact sea temperature that our crabs are harvested from and our crews closely monitor this temperature to ensure product freshness.

A typical fishing trip last from seven to nine days (dock to dock) and produces approximately 70,000 pounds of live crab. Our off-loading process is professionally managed and all crab is removed within five hours of landing dockside. In addition, the trips for our vessels are staggered so that live crab flows continuously in to our processing facility guaranteeing that our customers have a steady supply of the freshest crab meat products possible.

Finally, we are proud of our captains and long-time crew members. You can count on their professional training and years of experience to bring you a bountiful crab harvest from the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean.