Carlsbad Aquafarm, Inc.United States, California
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Products we offer

Mediterranean Mussels Pacific Oysters

Who we are

Carlsbad Aquafarm
Carlsbad Aquafarm cultivates Mediterranean Blue Mussels, Pacific Oysters and Ogo. The company has been in operation since 1990 in Carlsbad. The farm has developed a secondary line of products for the marine aquaria trade known as “live-feed” that includes micro- and macro algae, copepods, amphipods and brine shrimp.

System Operations
The farm uses sustainable suspended long-line cultivation methods that cause minimal impact on marine habitat, wild fish populations, water quality and the marine environment. Rigorous laboratory testing standards and ultra-violet purification systems help ensure product safety while close proximity to the LA and San Diego allow quick
turn-around from harvest to delivery for our local clients in Southern California. The result is fresh, high quality products with a small carbon footprint.

Sustainable Aquaculture
Carlsbad Aquafarm is committed to sustainable mariculture and pursuing a necessary balance between the demand for responsible seafood production and the preservation of our oceans’ resources.