Clearwater Fine FoodsCanada, Nova Scotia
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Year established: 1976
Employees: 1,000 - 7,500
Organization type: Exporter, Processor, Wholesaler
Certifications: MSC

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Who we are

Clearwater Seafoods LP (TSX:CLR) is one of North America's largest vertically integrated seafood companies and the largest holder of shellfish licenses and quotas in Canada. With sales of over $380 million in 2013, the Bedford, NS based company has over 1,400 employees in offices, plants and vessels around the world. It is recognized globally for its superior quality, food safety, diversity of species and reliable worldwide delivery of premium wild, eco-certified seafood, including scallops, lobster, clams, coldwater shrimp, crab and groundfish.

As a leading harvester, processor and marketer of sustainably-sourced seafood, Clearwater supplies its products to wholesalers, retailers and food
service distributors throughout the world. The Company sells retail products under the Clearwater brand globally and is a major supplier of private label seafood products to various North American, European and Asian food retailers.

Since its founding in 1976, Clearwater has invested in science, people and technological innovation as well as resource ownership and management to sustain and grow its wild seafood resource. This commitment has allowed it to remain a leader in the global seafood market and in sustainable seafood excellence.


Trade shows

Boston Seafood Expo 2016, Global Seafood Expo 2016

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