Coast Seafoods CompanyUnited States, Washington
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Year established: 1946
Organization type: Farm

Products we offer

Bay Mussels Kumamoto Oysters Manila Clams Pacific Oysters

Who we are

Since 1946, the Coast Seafoods Company has been a premiere source for oysters in the United States. Today, the company's product inventory includes not just traditional Pacific oysters, but also Mediterranean and Trossulus mussels, Japanese Kumamoto oysters.

Coast Seafoods Company is also the world leader in oyster and clam larvae sales and produces significant quantities of mussel, clam and oyster seed. Coast Seafoods Company creates a quality product by controlling every step of production. That's why the company developed the world's largest oyster hatchery in Quilcene, WA. The hatchery is capable of producing more than 30 billion oysters per year, and now their new hatchery in Kona, Haw
aii capable of producing more than 250 million seed per year. Coast Seafoods Company also owns and operates over 15,000 acres of Pacific Coast tidelands, used exclusively as growing beds.