Elite SeafoodDenmark, Thisted
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Organization type: Processor, Trader

Who we are

Elite Seafood is a trading and production company. We are daily present on the Danish auctions and we can supply all the species from the northern sea, the sea of Kattegat and the Baltic Sea. We have also established close relations with the fishermen of the Swedish and Finnish lakes for all the fresh water species (pike perch, perch, pike, houting)

Our range of products includes the following species: cod, colley, pollack, hake, dover sole, turbot, lemon sole, monkfish, dogfish, prawns, crab, skate, mussel, shrimp, herring, whiting, haddock, salmon and trout. We also commercialise a whole range of filets and other added value products as loins and portions, as well as raw material for the
industrial customers (cod raw, products for smoking and salting. Our factory is managed with an HACPP control system.