Esro Seafood B.V.Netherlands, TM Nuenen
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Organization type: Exporter, Importer, Processor

Products we offer

Albacore Tuna Atlantic Cod Cape Hake Chinook Salmon Chum Salmon Coho Salmon Hard Clams Pacific Cod Patagonian Scallops Pink Salmon Skipjack Tuna Sockeye Salmon South African Hake

Who we are

Esro Food Group has a very extensive product variety, since it is a global player in the meat and fish industry. In the rich history of the family business, a global network was structured in the widespread market. This network and knowledge ensures that the problems of clients are solved.

Quality is always guaranteed by the Esro Food Group. At the in-house production locations in the Netherlands and Belgium, the in-house quality department sets out to ensure a constant level of quality. Innovation is central in the laboratory, but obviously also in the production process. There is one purpose: to supply the best products to its clients.
Get acquainted with the Esro Food Group and discover
the versatile family business. Take advantage of the extensive product variety and determine how you can profit from the constant quality and fair pricing, so that, with Esro Food Group products, the return on your products can also be influenced in a positive manner.