Henderson Inlet Community Shellfish FarmUnited States, Washington
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Year established: 2002
Organization type: Farm

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Pacific Oysters

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Puget Sound Restoration Fund has been invested in the Henderson Inlet Community Shellfish Farm since 2002, along with their partners, Washington State University, Elliotts Oyster House and Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association. At the outset, they wanted to join hands with others in the watershed to restore clean water in an historic shellfish growing area and good things have happened as a result of this collaborative undertaking. In the face of increased development, and contrary to predicted trends, water quality has improved. On January 27, 2010, the Washington Department of Health upgraded 240 acres of the Henderson Inlet commercial growing area to Approved. The Henderson Inlet Community Shellfish Farm is now located on approved ground. This represents a huge community triumph. Hats off to residents, businesses and local governments within the Henderson Inlet watershed for tackling pollution sources and improving water quality for all. On June 13, 2012 the Washington Department of Health upgraded 100 acres of shellfish harvesting area in Henderson Inlet, based on improved marine water quality. A lot of great work by their Thurston County partners and area residents made this possible.