Hoogendijk Import Export B.V.Netherlands, Vlaardingen
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Organization type: Exporter, Importer, Wholesaler

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Giant Tiger Prawn

Who we are

Hoogendijk has been a household name in the international seafood trade for ten generations already. Over the past 265 years, we have developed from shipowning company, seafood processors, smokehouse owner and trader into renowned seafood importers and exporters. The expertise built up over the years forms the strong foundation of today's Hoogendijk. As a closely-knit team we are very flexible and pro-active. All activities are monitored centrally from our Vlaardingen offices. To us, the customer and service always come first. Our communication lines are short, enabling us to deliver fast service to our national and international customers at all times. On a daily basis, products arrive at the Hoogendijk premises to be immediately inspected, registered and then stored in the cold-storage warehouse or delivered directly to our customers.