J.J. McDonnellUnited States, Maryland
1 Years Gold Profile
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Year established: 1945
Organization type: Distributor, Processor
Certifications: MSC

Who we are

J.J. McDonnell was founded in 1945 and was originally located in the downtown Baltimore Seafood Market. In 1984, J.J. McDonnell relocated its operations to the Maryland Seafood Market in Jessup, Maryland, where we currently reside.

J.J. McDonnell has established a market leadership position in Maryland, Washington D.C, and Northern Virginia as a provider of high quality seafood products and services.

Over the years, the product focus has transitioned from predominately fresh fish to a healthy mix of fresh and frozen seafood. They cater to a wide range of customers, from Retail to Bar & Grill and Sushi to American Steakhouse, a small ‘Mom and Pop’ or a large National Chain.

J.J. McDo
nnell prides itself on being a company that offers more than just a product, they offer their customers a wealth of knowledge, information and education about the seafood industry and the product our customers are buying and serving.