Ocean Beauty Seafoods LLCUnited States, Washington
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Year established: 1910
Employees: 1,000 - 7,500
Organization type: Distributor, Processor
Certifications: MSC

Who we are


Our vision is to provide consistent and excellent financial performance over the long-term, while also diversifying and growing our global brand and business. There are many people that go into building and maintaining a business, and that is why it is important to provide the best possible collaborative environment for our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners. We see Ocean Beauty being able to manage a responsible, caring and sustainable company that works to ensure the economic and social health of the communities in which we operate. Our customers are extremely important to us and that is why we strive to exceed their expectations in food safety, quality, supply,
innovation and service. Lastly, we find it vital to contribute to the fisheries we rely on and we pride ourselves on performing all business processes in an ethical manner.


Ocean Beauty’s values are what have gotten us to where we are today, and we continue to operate under these values. Producing food that is safe and wholesome is the most important thing we do, because we want our loyal customers to have the best experience possible. A business is nothing without accountability, and that is why we value accountability in all aspects of our business, and is how we earn the respect of the people and organizations we work with. A long-term approach is the most responsible way to operate, and that is why we strive to ensure a culture of sustainability throughout the organization. A vital component in our values also includes Ocean Beauty Seafoods support for non-political scientific management as the basis for fisheries policies and management.
Our History in Seafood

Ocean Beauty began in 1910 as a storefront on the Seattle waterfront called the Washington Fish and Oyster Company. In the 1930’s the company first ventured out to Alaska and got involved in the seafood industry there, and by 1954 the company had expanded its Alaska locations and became the first seafood company to portion and vacuum seafood steak and fillets in Alaska. Over the years Ocean Beauty expanded even more and by the late 1980’s the company had opened up processing locations throughout Alaska as well as distribution locations in the western area. Throughout the years and in the late 1990’s, Ocean Beauty was bought and sold to owners including Sealaska Corporation and Ika Muda International. But throughout this all, Ocean Beauty continued to grow and prosper in the seafood industry, processing more than 100 million pounds of seafood and maintaining annual sales of about $200 million, living up to the competition and gaining a respect in the seafood community. Ocean Beauty Seafoods is currently owned by the Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation and a group of individual owners with experience in the seafood industry.

Ocean Beauty’s processing locations in Alaska now include Naknek, Alitak, Kodiak, Cordova, Excursion Inlet and Petersburg. The company’s many distribution operating locations include Boise, Idaho; Dallas, Texas; Salt Lake City, Utah; Portland and Astoria, Oregon; Helena, Montana; and Seattle and Monroe, Washington, as well as an office in Tokyo, Japan.

Ocean Beauty Seafoods specializes in frozen commodity seafood, value added products, smoked salmon, as well as canned seafood and specialty caviar. Ocean Beauty’s brands have expanded from the Ocean Beauty Brand, to also Echo Falls, Lascco, Icy Point, and Pillar Rock just to name a few. Since the beginning, and throughout the many years of expanding and operating, Ocean Beauty has and will always take pride in its mission to provide the safest and wholesome quality sustainable seafood products for our customers.


Ocean Beauty Seafoods LLC is a privately held limited-liability company, 50% owned by the Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation (BBEDC), and 50% by a group of individual owners with decades of experience in the fish business. *The BBEDC is a Community Development Quota (CDQ) corporation, a not-for-profit company whose mission is to “Promote economic growth and opportunities for residents of BBEDC’s member communities through sustainable use of the Bering Sea resources”.



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