Pacific Seafood Group, Inc.United States, Oregon
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Year established: 1941
Employees: 1,000 - 7,500
Organization type: Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Processor, Wholesaler
Certifications: MSC

Who we are

Pacific Seafood Group encompasses processing, distribution, importing, exporting, marketing, and transportation of fresh and frozen seafood. We have processing plants in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Canada with our own docks at each facility. In addition, we have ten other ports that serve as receiving stations for fish and raw products that come right off the boat into the processing facility.

We operate our own trucking company to ensure quality and timely transportation to and from our processing and distribution facilities. In addition, we service fresh seafood to customers across the country through our national air freight operation.

We are committed to making ecolog
ically and ethically sound choices to conserve ocean resources and provide a sustainable and healthy food source. We consistently strive for zero percent defects in our processing standards and utilize credible and verifiable tracking systems that meticulously track the origin and flow of our products in real time.

Above all, our primary goal is to ensure the finest and freshest quality seafood available..



Member of Ocean Trust, Founding Charter member of the National Fisheries Institute

Trade shows

Boston Seafood Expo 2016