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Atlantic Cod Atlantic Mackerel

Who we are

Seafood products are among the favorite children and people of all ages enjoy quality meals prepared with fish and seafood products.
When it comes to fish, to taste good when it serves it to be fresh.
People who work with Pal Fish give their best every day to deliver fresh and quality fish to the customers.
Every product you buy from local fishermen and fishermen's boats, which means that the quality of all this is an exception. The whole chain of service has created an excellent experience for those who wish to indulge in seafood.Pal Fish is working with the best fishermen to provide the necessary knowledge and skills. We are in the business for years, and for us, the satisfaction of our cu
stomers is the most important thing. Low quality, errors and delays in the retail and export is not an option for us. Each product is always fresh and everything is on time.