Poseidon Food BVNetherlands, BP Utrecht
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Organization type: Exporter, Importer, Processor
Certifications: ASC, MSC

Who we are

Poseidon Food B.V. is a trading company and wholesaler of freshly produced and frozen fish and shellfish. We were founded mid-2011 and have expanded our product range considerably, however, we continue to focus mainly on a number of high-end products, such as crab meat, soft shells, for example salmon and Coquilles St. Jacques. We supply wholesale and retail companies throughout Europe and are expanding rapidly in Asia and the Middle East.

The organization
Founder Erald de Groot has been 25 years in the sector and is responsible for the buying and selling of our products. Stephan van Weeren takes care of finance, working capital management and investor relations. Layla Legrand is our spind
le within the organization and ensures documentary traffic, invoice and takes care of our office management. Furthermore, we are backed up by a part time bookkeeper and IT support.

Product-market combinations
Each country has its indigenous preferences however we do focus on specific niche markets:
Value Added
Crab meat & soft shells
North Sea crab; King, Snow, Brown crab


Trade shows

Poseidon Food visits the largest fish exhibitions of the world in order to position our distinctive products, e.g. The Seafood Exhibition in Brussels (stand) China Fisheries & Seafood Expo (stand) Dubai xxx (stand) Boston (US), Figo (Spain), SIAL (France)