Premier HarvestUnited States, Washington
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Organization type: Fisher

Products we offer

Chinook Salmon Dungeness Crab King Crab (Blue) King Crab (Golden) King Crab (Red) Pacific Halibut

Who we are

Premier Harvest has cultivated very close and personal relationships with the fisherman and the processors they work with. The men and women the company deals with follow the strictest guidelines for handling and processing their seafood. Once caught, their fresh catch is buried deep into flake ice or chilled using RSW. Only the best of the catch is processed fresh or live. Once their boats tie up, the product is removed from the boat, cleaned and packed to be shipped on the next flight. At Premier Harvest they stand behind every pound of product sourced from their Alaska and Washington locations. The company's commitment to their customers is to provide the highest quality of live and fresh seafood and deliver it with outstanding service and support.