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Sunray Venus Clams

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Puregrown Aquaculture is an aquaculture operation in Indiantown, Florida specializing in the cultivation of Sunray Venus Clams. Sunray Venus Clams are a subtropical species native to North America from North Carolina to Texas. In Florida shells have even been found in Calusa Indian mounds. Yet Sunray Venus Clams never existed in enough quantity to make them commercially viable. Thanks to research funded by SeaGrant, these clams are now being farmed in Florida. Grown in the pristine, emerald green waters of Pine Island Sound, Florida, Sunray Venus Clams are an attractive, delicious, traceable and sustainable aquacultured species. Sunray Venus Clams start life at a hatchery in Stuart, FL. The
y are then moved to the Gulf waters of Pine Island Sound between Sanibel Island and St. James City. Sunray Venus Clams are a particularly sensitive species, and require a gentle touch.

Each clam is hand planted in over eight acres of bottom in state approved waters. These deep water leases take advantage of ocean mechanics to protect the clams from drastic environmental fluctuations. When the Sunray Venus Clam has grown to proper size, they are harvested by divers. The clams are moved to wet storage where they are purged and tempered to guarantee clean, fresh clams. The flesh of the Sunray Venus Clam is white, sweet and delicious. When cooked the shells become glossy and coral colored. Even the simplest dish prepared with Sunray Venus Clams presents beautifully on the plate.