Seafood Line A/SDenmark, Aalborg
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Organization type: Exporter, Importer, Trader, Wholesaler

Products we offer

Blue Mussels Giant Tiger Prawn Whiteleg Shrimp

Who we are

Seafood Line A/S is a frozen seafood supplier started as a collaboration of two Danish companies – Ocean Seafood A/S and Arti Seafood A/S. Today we are an independent, strong and reliable player on the seafood import and seafood export market. Many years of experience have made us to the experienced professionals, ready to assist you with any food sourcing request.
We believe in quality and exceptional service. Our partnerships and long-term business agreements are made only with suppliers exacting the same high standards as we do.
Being a dynamic company with the energy to expand the knowledge to assist, and the ability to consistently provide you with the top quality seafood products fro
m all parts of the world. We intend to be your preferred frozen seafood supplier today, as well as in the future.