Sitka Salmon SharesUnited States, Illinois
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Organization type: Fisher, Wholesaler

Products we offer

China Rockfish Chinook Salmon Chum Salmon Coho Salmon Copper Rockfish Pacific Cod Pacific Halibut Sockeye Salmon Spot Shrimp Yelloweye Rockfish

Who we are

Sitka Salmon Shares brings fish-loving Midwesterners high-quality, responsibly-sourced wild seafood direct from small boat family fishermen in Southeast Alaska. Sitka Salmon Shares is a members-based organization that allows you to purchase a "share" of the harvest of an independent small boat family fishermen. At Sitka Salmon Shares, they share much more than the highest-quality wild salmon, halibut, and black cod straight from the icy waters of Southeast Alaska, they also share with you the value of knowing that eating ethically and responsibly means taking steps to ensure that your food dollars go to the right places along the food chain.