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Dick Jennings loved his Grandfather's land in Western North Carolina, covered with forests of oak, hickory, maple, and poplar, watered with two rushing streams, and with 100 acres of reasonably flat land that could be cleared. It was 1931 when Dick first walked these streams. He wasn't barefoot, but his cheeks were tanned, and he was carrying a Prince Albert can of worms. This was unique compelling stuff for a little boy raised in Pittsburgh, compelling enough to bring the young veteran of WWII back to these mountains in 1948 to start the first commercial trout farm in the South.

This meant ignoring his deceased Father's advice, "Don't stay in these mountains, you'll starve", and it also m
eant dropping out of the Yale School of Engineering, where, until then, he had been an honor student. These imprudent acts were, to some extent, vindicated in the year 2001, when Dick Jennings was inducted into the Western North Carolina Agricultural Hall of Fame. Thus, the Sunburst Trout Company was born. Fish processed Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to order. No Antibiotics, hormones or animal byproducts used. Recipient of 2007 Seafood Champion Award given by the Seafood Choices Alliance. HAACP certified.