Triad Fisheries LtdUnited States, Washington
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Chinook Salmon Coho Salmon Pacific Halibut Sablefish Sockeye Salmon Spot Shrimp

Who we are

Triad has been marketing wild troll caught salmon from SE Alaska since 1978. Realizing it is the food business not the fish killing business led to an innovative method of harvest and processing that consistently produces the highest quality salmon. Captured by hook and line, each fish is allowed to swim naturally allowing any lactic acid from the struggle to metabolize, then humanely stunned in the water and gently brought immediately to the dressing table. The fish are live bled and pressure bled to assure a blood-free, stress free product with zero bruising. Dressed, frozen on board to -40F pre-rigor mortis within minutes of capture assures absolute freshness and maximum shelf life. Stringent onboard sanitation standards assure the lowest bacteria counts possible in an all natural product with no chemical additives. Each fish receives a tracking number for 100% traceability resulting in a level of safety and year round consistency never before available in your wild salmon program.